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Bachelor of Science Program in Logistics and Digital Supply Chain
B.S. (Logistics and Digital Supply Chain)

Profile and Evolution

Logistics and Digital Supply Chain is a program relevant to the current technological and economic change.  The demand for graduates applying for digital technology in the management of logistics and supply chain is relatively high to lead the integration of knowledge in Digital Engineering and Artificial Intelligence, and the development of automation, cloud computing, and the internet, which are necessary for the transition to Industry 4.0, and Logistics 4.0, including the creation of digital innovations to support the Digital and Information Economy and create new business models.

Faculty of Logistics and Digital Supply Chain, Naresuan University, offers  Bachelor of Science in Logistics and Digital Supply Chain Program. A combination of Science in Management and Engineering emphasizing problem-solving in engineering and supply chain activities. It aims to produce quality professional graduates in logistics and digital supply chain management, to lead the local and national economic era of Logistics 4.0 through knowledge integration and innovation of the logistics and supply chain.

Course Structure

Course Structure


2 years


General Education


Core course 12
Elective course (non-credit) 1 12


Specific Requirement Courses

Core Course 6 70
Major Required Course 39
Major Elective Course 12
Logistics and Digital Supply Chain Project 6
Professional Experience/

Co-operative Education

Free Elective Course 6
Total Course (not less than) 88

Note:   Only English is used in teaching and activities.

Applicants Qualifications

Age None
Education Graduated from technical or vocational education/college
Health Good


Attendance Complete study
Exit Exam – Pass  the English language proficiency test

– Pass the computer and information technology knowledge test (More than 50 percent)


  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics and Distribution Network
  • Demand Planning and Inventory Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Warehouse Design and Management
  • Material Handling and Packaging
  • Digital Business Management
  • Big Data Analysis
  • E-Commerce Business
  • Enterprise Resource Planning System
  • Blockchain Technology for Supply Chain Management
  • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence for Supply Chain Management

Careers After Graduation

  • Academics in Logistics and Digital Supply Chain
  • Scholars in operations management
  • Academic management of various departments
  • Analyst and Planning in Logistics and Digital Supply Chain
  • Logistics Information Technology Manager
  • Production Planning and Distribution Officer
  • Business owners or logistics service providers
  • Government and private organization employees in the logistics department and related
  • Other professions that use knowledge in logistics and digital supply chains
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