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Course Title: Master of Science Program in Logistics and Digital Supply Chain

Master Degree: Master of Science (Logistics and Digital Supply Chain)

Duration: 2 years

Language: Bilingual Thai-English

Background and Rational:

Faculty of Logistics and Digital Supply Chain (NU-Logistics), Naresuan University is the first public university that had established for multidisciplinary education, research, and public services consulting in the area of logistics and supply chain. It has intended to produce leading academics and professionals to support sustainable research and development.
Logistics and Digital Supply Chain program attract business professionals from across ASEAN to experience its unique combination of master’s level coursework, professional development, and industry interaction. It had designed to equip students to meet current and future needs in the supply chain management profession by creating and sustaining competitiveness in the supply chain through quality and efficiency. This program has designed to provide graduates with proficiency in both problem-solving and change leadership. They are now practicing these skills in a wide variety of industries, including consulting, manufacturing, retail, logistics, distribution, and software.
We aim to produce expert logistics and supply chain professionals who will take their skills developed at Naresuan University and make a significant difference in the marketplace.

  • Number of credits: 36 credits
  • Structure of the Program
Requirements IS
Coursework 30
–          Core Course 15
–          Electives 15
Required Non-credit Course 5
Independent Study 6
Total 36


  1. Focusing on shaping determined and creative researchers and academic staff in logistics and digital supply chain.
  2. Teaching by lecturers bearing high academic capabilities and industrial experiences to deliver the best learning experience to learners.
  3. Having close connections with national and international private professionals and academic sectors to strengthen networks and cooperation in logistics and supply chain.

English Proficiency (Students must pass one of the following English levels) test.




1 Paperbased TOEFL 417
2 Internet based TOEFL (Internet base) 35
3 International Language Testing System (IELTS) 5.0
4 Chulalongkorn University Test of English Proficiency(CUTEP) 54
5 Cambridge English Placement Test (CEPT) B1 (37)

2. Pass Comprehensive Examination.
3. Publish 1 full paper proceeding in English.
4. Finish 1 Independent Study report and pass the final defense.
5. The minimum GPA requirement is B (3.00), and students must pass all courses.

Applicant Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from and accredited institution in any fields

Document Required:

  1. Copy of passport
  2. Formal Photograph
  3. Copy of Bachelor degree certificate
  4. Copy of academic transcript
  5. CV

Program : Master of Science Program in Logistics and Digital Supply Chain
Level of Study : Master Degree Program (Plan B) (Monday-Friday and Saturday-Sunday)
Duration of Study : 2 Years Program (6 semesters)

No. List of expenses throughout the course (Baht) billed per semester (Baht) each time (Baht) Total (Baht)
1 International Student Fee 30,000 5,000 - 30,000
2 Tuition Fee 306,400

51,500  1st semester

51,500  2nd semester

50,200 3rd  semester

51,500 4th  semester

51,500 5th  semester

50,200 6th  semester

- 306,400
3 Computer and Information Technology Services Fee 1,600 400 - 1,600
4 English Proficiency Development Fee 2,000 500 - 2,000
5 Transportation Fee 1,000 200/200/100 - 1,000
6 Comprehensive Examination - - 500 500
7 IS Defense Fee - - 5,000 5,000
8 Registration for Graduation - - 2,500 2,500
Total 349,000


*** Remarks: The above expenses do not include the monthly stipend, dormitory expenses, research expenses fee, research hard copies expenses, travelling expenses to present academic paper, academic journal publication expenses, Maintain Student Status Fee (1,235 1st semester, 1,000 2nd semester and 1,000 3rd semester)

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