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To be the best university for Logistics and Digital Supply Chain in Thailand and become one of the top 5 academic excellence in the ASEAN.


The Faculty of Logistics and Digital Supply Chain has four missions:

  1. Graduate production focuses on producing graduates with bachelor’s degrees and graduate school in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain By providing teaching and learning that can create graduates who are ready to compete in the era of Industry 4.0 and have potential from knowledge in digital technology.
  2. Research, conduct research on developing knowledge and researchers in logistics and supply chain by focusing on the use of Digital technology to respond to the development direction of the country.
  3. Academic service for society, develop and provide practical knowledge of logistics and supply chain to society including private sector entrepreneurship and government agencies.
  4. Preserving art and cultural heritage, strengthen and support teachers, students and staff to realize and have awareness of preserving arts and culture.

Core Value



= Visionary Leadership



= Agility



= Organization & Personal Learning



= Valuing Employees & Partners

Core Competency

  1. Personnel have the potential to develop knowledge in modern logistics and supply chains with a focus on digital technology.
  2. The faculty has the capacity to develop knowledge in logistics and supply chains and international images.
  3. Personnel can conduct research and academic services with industry and government sectors to lead to commercial utilization that responds to the country’s development direction.
  4. The faculty is able to manage the use of the government budget for the greatest benefit.
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